"Infusionsoft" ACH Payment Solutions

Gone are the days of waiting days for your funds. Sell Today & Get Paid Today. (We own both SameDayEcheck.com & SameDayACH.com). Companies, like yours, are demanding more functionality and better results from their payment systems and we have designed, manufactured and aggregated to create unforgettable experiences. Our passion is helping design and build solutions that strike the perfect balance between business, their customers and technology.

Today Payments Gateway Merchant Services

hand shake...continues to meet the challenge of our clients by offering cost effective payment processing with all major gateways and processors, Credit card, Debit card, ACH and e-check payment processing services are now available to you and your clients.

The Best Solution for ACH Payment Processing in QuickBooks®

Today Payments is an Authorized Reseller of Intuit offering a highly robust app that supports both QuickBooks’ desktop and online customers, provide merchants with the tools they need so they can focus more time on their customers and businesses, and less time on data entry.

"Our Integrated payment solutions can save a typical small business owner more than 180 hours each year"
  • ACH format definitions Our software is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.

    • Integrated Solutions

      • QuickBooks Online
      • QuickBooks Enterprise
      • QuickBooks Pro
      • QuickBooks Premier
      • QuickBooks POS
      • Authorize.Net Certified Developer

    Accepted Payments

    • Email Invoicing - Credit/Debit Cards, eCheck & ACH
    • Retail - Free Credit Card Swiper
    • Mobile - Free Smart Phone Swiper
    • MOTO - Mail Order & Telephone Order
    • Recurring Debits & Credits
    • One-Time Debits & Credits
    • High Risk Processing
    • eCommerce - From your Website

    ACH & Electronic Check

    • ACH Check-by-Phone
    • Recurring ACH Debits & Credits
    • One-Time ACH Debits & Credits
    • High Risk ACH Processing
    • Online ACH from your Website
    Electronic Check - Never leave your office to Deposit Checks!

    Process your Infusionsoft Payments anywhere - anyway

    We will get you approved to accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ACH and Electronic Checks. We can recommend a payment gateway for you or choose your favorite from the list below. You have many options for integrating your payment processing into Infusionsoft:

  • Payment Gateway Options


    Company Available Countries
    Easy Pay Direct US, Canada, EU, UK, Mexico, AU, Panama, Malaysia
    Beanstream US, Canada
    Internet Secure (Authorize Emulation) US, Canada, Possibly more (contact the vendor)
    DPS (Payment Express) Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, South Africa, UK, US
    Network Merchants (NMI) US only
    PayPal Payflow Pro Contact us at (619) 450-5800 for details.
    Authorize.net US, Canada, Possibly more (contact the vendor)
    SagePay UK (Maestro Card Accepted)
    USA ePay US only
    eWAY Australia

  • Compare Today Payments with PayPal
    Types of Payments Accepted
    Email Invoicing
    Auto-recurring billing
    Credit Cards
    Credit Cards - Level III
    ACH - Electronic Check
    Paper Check Conversion
    Virtual Terminal for Mail-Order & Telephone Order Payments
    - includes Online Reporting of
    ALL transactions processed
    Credit Card Pricing
    Monthly Processing Costs
    if you bill $5,000
    $ 151.50 1
    $ 175 2
    Monthly Processing Costs
    if you bill $10,000
    The more you bill, the more ReceivePay saves you!
    $ 284 3
    $ 350 4
    Application Fee
    $ 0
    $ 0
    Annual Fee
    $ 0
    $ 0
    Cancellation Fee
    $ 0
    $ 0
    Credit Card Fees
    Transaction fee
    Monthly fee
    $ 19
    $ 0
    Same-Day Deposit of Funds
    3 Days
    ACH & Electronic Check Conversion Pricing
    ACH Transaction fee
    1% + 28¢
    Returned (NSF) ACH Transaction fee
    Paper Check Conversion 1
    "Stop driving to the bank"
    Recurring Billing - Credit Cards
    Auto-recurring billing

    Recurring eCheck & ACH also available!
    Push notifications of expirations, cancellations, upcoming payments, and recurring payments
    Pre-configured recurring plans
    Processing Capabilities
    Virtual Terminal Available

    Included - FREE
    Mail Order & Telephone Order
    Keep Consumers on Invoice while paying
    3rd Party Gateway "Re-direct"
    "Pay Invoice Button" - Collect payments on merchant's web site
    Ecommerce - Web site Order
    1 Typical merchant $5,000 in credit card processing with 100 customers = ($5000*2.25%)+(100*$.20)+$19 monthly fee (Non-Qualified rate of only .20% over interchange)
    2 Typical merchant $5,000 in credit card processing with 100 customers = ($5000*2.90%)+(100*$.30)+$0 monthly fee
    3 Typical merchant $10,000 in credit card processing with 200 customers = ($10000*2.25%)+(200*$.20)+$19 monthly fee (Non-Qualified rate of only .20% over interchange)
    4 Typical merchant $10,000 in credit card processing with 200 customers = ($10000*2.90%)+(200*$.30)+$0 monthly fee