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Delivering professional attention for Fifth Third Bank business merchants.

As a team of programmers, accountants and payment professionals, we've discovered that most business merchants have little access to data tools and services that "big merchants" have. Our team has launched its platform to deliver new services, including Same-Day Payments & Deposits with Real-Time reporting and will continue our introduction of FinTech services into the future.

Let us help you integrate with Fifth Third Bank Open Banking API

Secure Open Financial Exchange provides a framework for building secure online financial services. In Open Financial Exchange, security encompasses authentication of the parties involved, as well as secrecy and integrity of the information being exchanged.

Robust Open Financial Exchange is used for executing important financial transactions and for communicating important financial information.

Broad Range of Financial Activities for Fifth Third Bank customers – Today Payments provides support for a broad range of financial activities. Using Open Financial Exchange 2.2 and other APIs, we can provide the following services:
  • ~ Bank statement download
    ~ Credit card statement download
    ~ Funds transfers including recurring transfers
    ~ Loan statement download
    ~ Consumer payments, including recurring payments
    ~ Business payments, including recurring payments
    ~ Brokerage and mutual fund statement download
    ~ Bill presentment and payment
    ~ Tax form download, including 1095, 1098, 1099, and W2
    ~ Image download for banking, credit cards, investments and loans
    ~ Automatic 1-Way OFX
    ~ Instant Payment Services
    ~ Real-Time Payments
    ~ Open Banking

Domestic & International (Cross-Border)

Broad Range of Financial Institutions can communicate with Fifth Third Bank customers – With Open Financial Exchange and other FinTech APIs, Today Payments supports communication with a broad range of financial institutions (FIs), including:

With our Fifth Third Bank Bank Transfers credit payment processing, financial transactions between you and your customers are instantly verifiable, hassle-free and secure. Reporting is streamlined, instantaneous and user-friendly.

Fifth Third Bank Open Banking at a Glance

The design of Open Financial Exchange is as a client and server system. An end-user uses a client application to communicate with a server at a financial institution. The form of communication is requests from the client to the server and responses from the server back to the client.

Open Financial Exchange uses the Internet Protocol (IP) suite to provide the communication channel between a client and a server. IP protocols are the foundation of the public Internet and a private network can also use them.

Banks working with the OFX Platform is one of the most effective ways to collaborate with Fintechs to have an Open Banking platform. Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) providing access to bank’s internal systems form the technical backbone on which open banking platform is built. Open APIs can act as enablers for banks to created a digital ecosystem via interfaces with third parties. Using open APIs banks can greatly extend their value proposition in payments by having customized new products and services. It’s heartening to note that this is already happening to an extent as several banks are opening access to their code to payment processors and technology companies via open APIs.

Our in-house Bank Transfers experts are standing ready to help you make an informed decision to move your company's payment processing forward.

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